Easy Egg Salad recipe | How to make delicious Egg salad

 Easy Egg Salad recipe | How to make delicious Egg salad

Egg salad is a very delicious and wonderful salad which I going to share with you today. It is an amazing decorative easy way to make this salad. This salad mainly serves at hotels & restaurants, and I used to make this salad there. You never imagine the egg can be used as a salad. It is made of mayonnaise, salt pepper, and some natural decorative uses for making the salad. I can say this salad build strategy nobody can show you. But I will show you this along with the photo down below.

Egg Salad

Preparation Time - 40 minutes

Serving persons - 5 persons


Hard-Boiled eggs - 10 pieces
Mayonnaise - 2 cups
Salt - 1tsp
Crushed Black pepper - 1tsp
Paprika powder - 1tsp
Cajun powder - 1tsp
Beetroot Vinegar water - for decorative color & flavor
Olive oil - 1tbsp
Black olives - for garnish
Parsley sprig/ microgreens - for garnish
Cucumber slice 1/2 cm - 20 piece (for holding the egg)

Preparation Method :

  • Take boiled eggs cut them by half from the middle.

  • Now gently scoop out the hard yolk part by spoon, and keep them in a bowl.

  • Do the same with all eggs.

  • Now after removing the yolk from the eggs, then put the albumen or white part gently in vinegar beetroot water aside for 20 minutes, the more you keep more color will come to egg white (remember not to break the white part as well ).

  • Now add mayonnaise, cajun spice, paprika powder, salt to the yolk and mix them until a soft mixture forming.

  • Your egg filling is ready to take place into the white part of eggs slowly by the piping bag.

  • Decorate the filling by the piping bag into the egg white part.

  • Garnish with a slice of black olive and microgreen or parsley sprig.

  • Or you can make a different filling for the eggs as our choice.

  • After filling the eggs set them on a platter over slice round cucumber for stable standing.

Hope this easy egg salad you will like. Any questions about the recipe please let me know in the comment section below. You can try another appetizer recipe by click here.

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