Kolkata Biryani Original recipe | How to make Kolkata Biryani

 Kolkata Biryani Original recipe | How to make Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata biryani very very famous everywhere, it is special because here use aloo into the biryani which makes it wonderful. Actually, this Kolkata biryani evolved from Lucknow style Biryani. When Awadh's last Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was exiled in 1856 to the Metiabruz. And Wajid Ali brought his personal chef with him and he made this biryani famous here. Today I will share the original Kolkata biryani recipe with big pieces of aloo which is very delicious with this biryani. Kolkata biryani not so spicy and not so aromatic but the taste is very balanced and tastes beautiful. And definitely, I will share the secret biryani masala powder here so you can make it easily at home.

Kolkata Biryani
DeepanjanGhosh, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Cooking time - 1.20 hour

Serving persons - 4 persons


Chicken big pieces/ Mutton pieces - 700gm

Basmati rice - 500gm

Full fat Milk - 1 cup

Mawa/Kowa - 1 cup

Fresh Ginger juice - 100ml+200ml water = 300ml juice

Garlic paste - 2 tbsp

Refined Oil - 1/2 cup

Ghee - 5 tbsp

Saffron - 1 tsp

Onion big  - 2 piece(thin sliced)

Potatoes - 5 pieces big (cut into 1/2 pieces)

Kashmiri Red chilli powder - 3 tbsp

Salt - to taste

Kewra water - 2 tbsp

Rosewater - 2tbsp

Mitha Antar - 1bottle small

Bay leaves - 3 pieces

Green Cardamom - 2 pieces

Cloves - 2 pieces

Cinnamon - 2 piece medium

Curd - 1 cup

Lemon juice - 4 tbsp

Boiled egg - 4 pieces

Turmeric powder - 1 tsp

Aloo Bukhara - 1 piece

(Secret Biryani masala)

Mace - 10gm

Cinnamon -10gm

Whole white pepper - 10gm

Green cardamom - 15gm

Cloves - 5gm

Black cardamom - 5gm

Nutmeg - 1 piece whole piece

(Sauté all the spices in the dry pan at low flame for 3 to 4 minute and keep stirring. Then grind in the mixture for fine powder. )

Cooking Method:

  • Start with preparation, first wash the rice 3 times and soak them for 1hour & keep aside. Then make the biryani masala as said in the ingredient section.

  • Then slice the onions and keep aside, as well as peel the potatoes and poke them with a knife and put into the water due to discolouration.

  • Now soak the saffrons into hot milk keep aside for good colour.

  • Now boil the rice 70% with added salt, oil, lemon juice, and bay leaves - 3 pieces, green cardamom - 2 pieces, cloves - 2 pieces, cinnamon - 2 piece medium. After boiling the rice strain the rice and keep aside.

  • Now take a kadhai to add 1/2 cup refined oil let it hot in the high flame then fry the sliced onions till golden brown. After fried remove the fried onions for later use.

  • Now turn down the high flame to medium then add garlic paste and ginger juice in oil.

  • Now add potatoes, red chilli powder, salt and turmeric and wait for boiling the potatoes then add biryani masala 1tsp, and bay leaves. Now cover with a lid and simmer until potatoes are boiled at 70%.

  • when potatoes are 70% boiled remove from the gravy masala and keep aside for later use.

  • Now add chicken or mutton pieces to handi masala then add 1 tbsp Kashmiri red chilli powder,  salt, half of the fried onions and 1/2 tsp of biryani masala, mix them well and simmer with a lid on until chicken or mutton pieces are 70% cooked.

  • After when the chicken or mutton pieces are half cooked then remove from the gravy masala keep aside for later use.

  • Now strain leftover gravy masala keeps the yakhni for later use.

  • Now take another handi for giving dum into the biryani.

  • First, put the yakhni into the handi then add chicken or mutton pieces.

  • Then add half-cooked potatoes one by one.

  • Then add beaten curd to it.

  • Now add leftover fried onions, mawa, lemon juice, 1tsp biryani masala, rosewater, kewra water, mitha antar, sliced aloo Bukhara, then add half cooked rice to handi. just spread don't press the rice.

  • Now spread milk saffron mixture, ghee, and 1/2tsp biryani masala over the rice.

  • Now cover the handi by the lid and fill the gaps by atta dough for giving dum to the biryani.

  • Set the biryani at high flame for 5 minutes then set it to low flame on Tawa for 40 minutes(flame should vary low for good dum).

  • Serve hot after ready the biryani along with the boiled egg. 

Hope this Kolkata biryani you will like this biryani easy to make just need some patience for it. It will definitely become good if you make it carefully. Any questions about the recipe please let me know in the comment section below. You can try my Malabar biryani recipe by click here.

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