Moong Dal Halwa | how to make moong dal Halwa with khoya

 Moong Dal Halwa | how to make moong dal Halwa with khoya

The recipe of Halwa first known by the food historians claims that it appeared in the 13th century in an Arabic book called Kitab al-Tabikh (The book of food recipe). Written by Muhammad ibn al- Hasan ibn al-karim. eight varieties of halwa are mentions there, and Moong dal halwa was one of them. And This Moong dal halwa tracing back to Rajasthan. This dessert mostly made in winters as a warmer dessert. So I am sharing this dessert recipe in this cold season because once you taste this dessert you will never forget the taste of it. It is so delicious and easy to make, but need more patience while you making it.

Moong Dal Halwa
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Cooking Time - 1 hr

Servings - 10 portions


Yellow Moong dal overnight Soaked -  250gm

Sugar - 200gm

Ghee - 2 cup

Milk - 500ml

Cashew nuts - 30gm

Almonds nut - 20gm

Pistachios - 10gm

Raisins - 20gm

Cardamom powder - 1/2tsp

Khoya/Mawa - 1.1/2cup

Saffron - 20 threads

Cooking method :

  • Chop all the nuts, keep aide them, now soak the saffron threads into 4 tbsp hot milk for about 30 minutes, keep aside for later use.

  • Finely Grate the mawa/khoya and set aside for later use.

  • sauté nuts and raisins into ghee for 1 minute and set aside for garnish.

  •  Now grind the moong dal which was soaked overnight (please do not make a fine paste of it, make sure it has a good quantity of moong dal granule are left in the paste, the Taste of this dessert depends on this grinding process).

  • Now Take a nonstick Kadai put 2 cup ghee in it and melt in medium flame.

  • When ghee is getting hot add moong dal granule paste in it, and mix and sauté at low flame for 30minutes.(or it may take 40+ minutes to cook the moong dal properly at low flame).

  • when moong dal granule paste becomes separating or crumbling & getting good nutty smells from the moong dal and colour also turns yellowish-brown. That means your moong dal granule mixture is perfectly cooked.

  • Now add hot milk and saffron milk into the cooked moong dal and stirring them continuously.

  • After a few minutes of stirring the moong dal mixture, you will see milk is getting absorbed into the moong dal mixture and increases the volume.

  • Do not stop stirring the mixture. Do it at a low flame for 15 minutes.

  • Now add sugar & cardamom powder into the Kadai. Stir it continuously with moong dal mixture. you will see sugar gets melted and the mixture becomes watery but do not stop stirring.

  • dry the moisture by stirring continually the mixture. and stirring the mixture until ghee leaves from the moong dal halwa.

  • Now add grated Mawa or khoya into the halwa, mix them for 6 minutes.

  • Now add sautéd nuts & raisins into the halwa mix them a little bit.

  • Your Moong dal halwa is absolutely ready.

  • Serve hot.

Hope this Desi dessert you will like. I can say this is an amazing dessert which you should make at home. I really love this dessert that's why I bring the recipe for you guys. Try the recipe in this cold season, it won't upset you at all. For any questions about the recipe please let me know in the comment section below. One thing you have to remember for this recipe that is only stirring -stirring - & stirring the mixture for getting a good result. Please suggest some recipes where I can work for you.

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