Dosa batter recipe | Best easy crispy Dosa batter recipe

 Dosa batter recipe | Best easy crispy Dosa batter recipe

Dosa first invented in South India, this is delicious food all over in India. It is alike to cr√™pe but it is crispy thin paper filled with onion, cheese, or masala, and on the side, you will get chutney and sambar. It is very famous everywhere in India and outer country too. In the morning breakfast meal, dosa is the best option in  Hyderabad, Kerala... I personally prefer dosa as a breakfast meal for most, so I made it at my home it is so convenient to ready at home. I will share the best recipe for crispy dosa batter today. But there is a technique to spread the dosa like thin paper, I will share the dosa spreading video on my page down here so you can practice for some time to get dosa done at home.

Crispy Dosa

Preparation time (total) -  2 days
Serving dosa - 15 pieces or more


Urad dal without skin (Black lentils/Black gram/ Beuli'r dal) - 2 cup
Flattened rice(chire) - 1 cup(this will give crispyness to your dosa)
Rice flour - 3 cup
semolina flour (suji)- 2 tbsp
Sugar - 1/2tbsp
Salt - 1/2tbsp(must add only before making dosa)

Preparation Method: 

  • First, wash the dal or lentil and flattened rice together then soak in a water bowl overnight.

  • Now on the next day, you will see the lentils and flattened rice soaked 90% of water and volumed double in quantity. Now grind & make a smooth paste of the lentil & flattened rice.

  • Now mix the lentil & flattened paste with rice flour and add a little bit of water to make semi-thick consistency of them, do not make it too thin or too thick, (batter like pancake consistency).

  • Now add sugar and semolina into the batter, and whisk for about 5 minutes continuasly until sugar disolves into the mixture (sugar helps to Fermentation better which will give natural dosa fleavor and texture).

  •  Remember do not add salt in the batter before Fermentation done it can stop the Fermentation process of the batter.

  • Now keep the dosa batter with covering with lid in little worm place for 12 hrs.

  • After 12 hrs later you will see the batter little rise in its volume & foamy, smelling slightly sour. 

  • It means you dosa batter is absulutelly ready to use, now you can add salt in the fermented batter.

  • If you think batter is thick then you can add little water but don't make it watery.

  • Use dosa spreader for batter thin crispy dosa (photo you can see down below)
    dosa spreaderdosa spreader

Hope this dosa batter you will like. Make at home you will be happy when you get the technique of making dosa, i will share the Masala aloo & sambar recipe with you all. before it please share the recipe with friends and family. If you have any questions to ask please share in the comment section down below.

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